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Please allow me... introduce myself

A curious glare over a shoulder, an unaware sparkle of light in a dark place. The sun breaking through the clouds or rising over the water. Anything anyware can hold the magic...

The magic of the moment, the magic of reality. It’s all around us. Stop and look and take a mental snapshot and seize the moment.

I go out and capture as many snapshots of reality as I can.

My name is Roel Duysserinck. On the internet know by the name OsFa. Since years a fanatic photographer with a nag for the off-limits.

I invite you to browse through my photo’s, let me take you to places you could pass everyday without noticing.

Let me show you the world through my snapshots of reality, let me show you the world throuhg my eyes and lens.

And if you want to see your world throurh my eyes... Just hire me.

Roel “OsFa” Duysserinck

Quote of the day
Thomas Leuthard

If you can't focus anymore...
You are too close

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6/1/2014 9:31:29 PM
Sometimes it time for a change, and behold:
My new site!
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